Growfund is the first no minimum donor-advised fund (DAF). It operates like a 401(k).

Select investment options and set the pace for your contributions. Draw from these dollars to make charitable donations.

Wealthy individuals often utilize DAFs for a variety of financial and philanthropic benefits. The typical DAF has a minimum to invest, and it can sometimes be as high as $20,000. When you’re saving for a house or a new car, planning for a growing family, or switching jobs, you need a better, safer option.

  • Plan for your charitable giving the same way you plan for your retirement

  • Manage tax receipts and your charitable giving budget in one place – every contribution into your Growfund is tax deductible, and you can easily find receipts in your account

  • Add your spouse, child or partner to your account to give as a family so you can make a difference together

  • Contribute by credit card, stock or cash

  • Make a bigger difference for charities you love when you draw from invested dollars to donate – every donation shouldn’t feel like a burden anymore

  • Make grants to more than 1.8 million charities searchable by name, location, or thematic cause

  • Discover new charities supporting the issues you’re passionate about with our curated menu of options

Growfund is powered by Global Impact, a trusted nonprofit with more than 60 years in building partnerships and resources for the world’s most vulnerable people. We are growing global philanthropy.

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