More donors are starting Donor-Advised Funds (DAF), the fastest growing charitable tool in the US. Growfund is a new kind of DAF, a game-changing charitable giving tool that fosters relationships between nonprofits and donors.

Growfund operates like a 401(k) or a personal foundation, allowing tax deductible contributions in credit, cash, stock or check.

Your donors can start an account for free, choose how their funds will be invested, then set aside a little or a lot at a time and watch their funds grow for your cause.

Your organization can leverage that data to enhance your own cultivation strategies. Imagine how much stronger your ask could be when you know where your donors’ passions lie.

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A donor's personal foundation tied to your brand

See how Growfund can work to expand and engage your community of donors.

Benefits of Growfund for Nonprofits

  • Help your donors save more so they can give more
  • Engage all of your donors with your causes and initiatives
  • Access data on the giving habits of your donors over time

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